Your application should have

OOC/Player journal:
Character name:
Character Age: (If you are unsure of this, give us your best estimate)
Affiliation: (Atmosian? Cyclonian? Or Rogue?):
Squadron: (if applicable)
Character Description: (this should include personality, history and any else you feel is revelent)
Character History (if OC):
Writing Sample: (You should have a sample post written up in first person point of view. Minimum amount of words should be 200-250. Pick a terra of your choice as a setting for your app and your actions from then are up to you.)

water seeping


  1. Be nice. Or as our other mod so nicely put it "don't be a jerkface". If you have any problem with the players, please communicate privately to settle your disputes, but don't bring it to the comm.
  2. No sex. You're welcome to do your locked AU posts but they MUST be locked. But we're a strictly a no-sex RP here (c-c'mon guys, it's a kid's cartoon)
  3. No god-moding! God-moding is having your character accomplish everything and get away with it! That's a big no-no here.
  4. Please put your contact info in either your journal or userinfo page.
  5. RULE-BREAKING will result in three warnings. By the third warning and you do not comply, we will kick you :|